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Socialroots software makes it easy to streamline communications across groups, departments, and organizations. Coordination is hard. Let’s simplify it!

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SaaS Solution for De-Siloing Communication Across Groups

Insight Into Your Ecosystem

Socialroots empowers you with key metrics, providing a clear, quantifiable snapshot of your accomplishments.

Streamline and De-Silo Communication

Socialroots ensures smooth coordination across various organizations, departments and projects.

Email Integrated Conversations Increase Engagement

Conversations on Socialroots are integrated with Email, allowing greater engagement and no reply-alls!

Decrease Noise and Increase Action

Stop managing your conversations and projects in jumbled email threads, spreadsheets, and heavy task-tracking tools. See and share action items across all of your groups in one place.

Designed to Enhance Collaboration

End reply-alls with email integration

Don’t make your collaborators sign in to yet another digital tool. Conversations on Socialroots integrate seamlessly with email, keeping everyone on the same page.

De-silo collaboration across your ecosystem

We can’t solve big problems in a vacuum. Socialroots allows your organization to connect with other aligned groups so you can collaborate across teams, departments, and organizations.

Socialroots’ conversations promote aligned action

Socialroots allows people to commit to action and give updates within the natural flow of a conversation, instead of getting lost in email threads and task boards.

Show clear, quantifiable metrics to stakeholders

Showing the value of coordination work is hard. With Socialroots’ innovative network health and impact metrics, you can see the needs of collaborators and communicate progress to stakeholders more easily.

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We’re working with aligned organizations to change the way networks organize and collaborate. Join us!

Lower the cost of cross-group coordination.

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