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Socialroots makes it easy for change-makers like you to engage your teams and networks, keeping everyone informed, aligned, and focused. Community coordination is complicated - let's simplify it.

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Understand & Navigate Your Network

Whether you have a small community focused on learning, or a vast network dedicated to taking action, Socialroots can help you to understand the shape of your network, see what’s happening in other groups you’re connected with, and discover other people and organizations with aligned values and goals.

Balance Relationship Building & Action

Cultivating relationships is just as important as taking action, but it can be overwhelming to balance the two. Not anymore. Socialroots reduces noise by streamlining communications and cuts across silos by giving groups a space of their own, while keeping them connected with their whole network. This is how we get work done, together.

Engage & Align Your Group

If you’re struggling for engagement because everyone’s working in silos, or you’re frustrated by AI algorithms that prevent you from building a shared understanding, we can help. Socialroots helps your group to organize without silos and work in a shared reality, so everyone can see what’s happening. And by connecting it all back to your purpose, everyone can see why.

Spend Less Time on Logistics

Community organizers spend a lot of time keeping track of who’s doing what and when. Socialroots allows coordination to happen naturally so you and your team spend less time scheduling and checking in, and more time learning, collaborating, and achieving your community’s goals.

Designed to Enhance Collaboration

Email integration reduces digital fatigue

Don’t make your community members sign up for yet another digital tool. Conversations on Socialroots integrate seamlessly with email, keeping everyone on the same page, even if they're not on the same platform.

Connections allow collaboration across networks

We can’t solve big problems in a vacuum. Socialroots allows your organization to connect with other aligned groups so you can see your whole network, collaborate directly, and maximize your impact.

Socialroots’ conversations promote aligned action

Socialroots allows people to commit to action and give updates within the natural flow of a conversation. Next steps are flagged and tracked when and where the conversation happens, instead of getting lost in email threads and task boards.

Smart onboarding makes orientation easy

Your onboarding choices aren’t limited to “generic but unhelpful” or “personalized but time-consuming.” Socialroots welcomes new group members with information and options that are relevant to them, saving you time and helping them to get oriented right away.

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