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Aimed at building more equitable and inclusive societies, the Omidyar Network supports ecosystems of collaboration focusing on systemic leverage points. Activities range from grantmaking, to research, to community building, all woven together with powerful storytelling.

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By Socialroots

"What if everyone had the power to thrive?"

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Omidyar Network, highly aligned with Socialroots in their three main focus areas. We're working with them to better define requirements for our mature product, and encourge you to explore their inspiring work.

About Omidyar Network

In 2004, Omidyar Network was  introduced to the world as a reimagining of the philanthropic foundation started in 1999 by Pam & Pierre Omidyar, who sought meaningful ways to invest their profits from founding eBay into building healthier societies.

"Across our focus areas of Reimagining Capitalism, Responsible Technology, and Building Cultures of Belonging, the work of “reimagining” requires that we interrogate our own assumptions about how systems need to change by listening to diverse viewpoints."

David T. Hsu,
Exploration & Future Sensing, Omidyar Network

The network stewards at Omidyar support organizations who drive change from the ground up. Taking an iterative and action-oriented approach, the network maximizes opportunities for paradigm-shifting local-first solutions to systemic issues. By enabling experimentation, emphasizing listening, and integrating their learnings, Omidyar fosters adaptibility and breakthrough. Cultivating conditions for emergence, they tap into the power of networks to realize systemic change, and avoid the classic philanthropic trap where top-down power only ends up reinforcing the status quo.

At Omidyar Network, we know that there is a deep power in connection; in the ideas around pluralism, interconnectedness, and community; and in knowing we are each other’s destiny.

– Michele Lawrence Jawando,
SVP at Omidyar Network


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