Zebras Unite

Zebras Unite is a "founder-led, member-owned movement creating the culture, capital & community for the next economy". Socialroots is now a member of the new Zebras Unite Co-operative.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Socialroots

Zebras Unite helps aligned founders connect with each other, with investors, and better discover, catalyze, and create resources together. As we cooperate, we help strengthen our movement for a new approach to startups. If you suspect you are also a zebra, we invite you to join us as a co-op member. Many people are building businesses that are better for the world. You don't need to do it alone.

About Zebras Unite

It started as a movement catalyzed by the flood of responses to a post from the four Zebra co-founders, and became a manifesto: Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break. Now, Zebras Unite has grown into a brand stewarded by a non-profit, and a member-owned for-profit co-operative. Projects, partnerships, podcasts, buzz, blogs, and businesses of all sorts can be found bubbling up around the movement.

Learning Resources

Socialroots is proud to part of the dazzle (the collective noun for zebras) and an early member of this new co-operative. We encourage you to check out Zebras, and to join the movement. Here are a couple of learning resources we found valuable.

  • Learn what co-operating with Zebras is all about, from the incredible Kate "Sassy" Sassoon, the Zebras Unite Co-operative Director of Membership:

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