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We build collaboration software for changemakers cultivating healthy communities, and shaping strategies for structural shifts towards a fairer world. Small non-profits and social ventures with boots on the ground and their sleeves rolled up. If that's you, we'd love to hear what you need.

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Stop managing your conversations and projects in jumbled email threads, spreadsheets, and heavy task-tracking tools. See and share actionable and prioritized next steps across all of your groups in one place.

Changemakers can be leaders, team members, volunteers, or just people helping people. Here are some key roles we see in many change efforts, and how they (and we) support each:

Supporters | Builders | Conveners


While others may hold broad visions of a better future, you make change possible today! Providing care and support as and when it's needed, you lead from behind because you've got the backs of those around you. You are reliable, kind, and ready, able, and willing to help.

Find where you belong. Build authentic connection while shaping the change you care about. Reduce information overload and untangle conversations lost in email threads and siloed tools. See next steps across all of your groups in one place.


When you see a problem, you approach it from a new angle, and create new ways to address it. You are a leader, a founder, a mover and shaker, a force of your own.

Socialroots offers you infrastructure to get your teams rolling with easy access to the resources they need. Coordinate people with less effort and create supportive spaces for your collaborators and partners.  Help all the moving parts of your projects stay in sync on key priorities and next actions.


Open-hearted and curious, you bridge gaps others find intimidating with ease. As you share resources and build connections, you create common ground for changemakers to build upon with many stakeholders. You help serendipity happen.

Identify early signs of disengagement, support your stakeholders to connect more easily, and grow your network faster outside of a siloed tool.

If you are a convener, or know a network who would be interested in access to the earliest version of Socialroots, let us know.

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