Our software platform for collaboration is informed by three key principles. We aim to make cross-group coordination faster and more effective in support of changemaking teams cooperating towards a world they want.

Teamwork is very hard but very necessary. Socialroots uses team health as a guide, signaling what is or is not working early on to help you shape it to your needs. We chose this path because we believe to create something different, we have to work differently. We are dedicated to supporting you and your teams as the world transforms the ways we work together.

Our greatest challenges as a global civilization will require an unprecedented amount of cooperation and may have been caused in large part by unmitigated competition. We have founded Socialroots on a few key principles, summarized below, to support this shift into a more healthy future.

Make software for faster coordination

Efficient coordination across groups enables more decentralized organizing and greater innovation. Read more >

Data is a commons

Data is a commons and must be treated as such. Platform users need to be empowered when it comes to their data. Read more >

Cooperative practice

Power stays healthier when shared. We are dedicated to fair, transparent, and consent-driven work, enabling participatory communities to share values and approaches, and to approach teamwork informed by insights from healthy living systems. Read more >

Learn our why and how behind these principles:

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