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We are a worker-owned business serving organizations who are committed to working together to face the wicked and messy problems humans around the globe live with every day; staying connected, productive, and on point with global issues that affect the planet.

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Picking up what we’re putting down? Interested in solving this together? Wondering how you might work with us?

We're glad you're interested! Before diving in here, you may want to take look at our founding principles. If those resonate with you, read on to discover ways to connect with us that work for you.

Ways to begin

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While built to serve a wide variety of groups and networks, Socialroots focuses on the multi-entity coordination and collaboration capabilities needed by changemaking organizations in the for-benefit social economy. These 'fourth-sector' organizations include non-profits, social enterprises, cooperatives, foundations, and others.

If you work in group(s) like this, you can jump to the top of our waiting list! Apply here to get early access for your network.

Learn more about how we serve groups:

Early supporters

Our platform is not yet ready for general use, but access is available to some early supporter groups interested in shaping the tool. If you are interested in pre-launch access, please fill out our early access form. Some groups may also be interested in exploring our partnerships.

If you know organizations we should talk with who are doing great work in challenging problem spaces, please send them our way!

Data Trustees

We believe that the information and insights about a groups and their interconnections is a shared resource that calls for both generous interoperability and robust security. We believe that the groups involved should be able to have control over their data.

Our goal? A data trust that allows shared data stewardship. Trustees would make decisions about how data is secured, shared and used. This trust would have fiduciary duties towards the people impacted by the data and would share the benefits created by it equitably.

We recognize that data access models are nuanced, with implications for shared power and governance, and we will not rush this process. We anticipate the creation of a legal data trust to take until at least 2023. In the meantime, please refer to our Privacy Page for information on how we currently approach data stewardship.

If you would like to be kept informed about our progress, sign up to stay in the loop.  


Our partnerships are currently taking shape, and we know that, along with our early supporters, service organizations who work with groups and networks will be key collaborators for us.

We are particularly interested speaking with people in values-aligned organizations who are working with communities and networks to untangle the messes of ecological breakdowns, social injustices, and systemic change in food, climate, healthcare, education, and more.

If you are excited about what we're building, come help shape our partners ecosystem!

Join the cooperative

Our cooperative, the company behind the Socialroots platform, is Wicked Co-op, LCA. "LCA" stands for 'limited cooperative association', a new legal option for co-ops in some locations that allows for multi-stakeholder co-op ownership. Under our structure, we have participants, investors, advisors, workers, and steward members. All of these member types are cooperative owners, with various responsibilities and benefits.

We are also looking for an advisor member with social and behavioral insights in cross-group work. We are currently shaping the responsibilites and benefits for those in  our community interested in participating in our super supporter membership. If you are interested in joining Socialroots as a cooperative member, please let us know by indicating your interest below. You can see our current cooperative members here.

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