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Welcome! You can find our full help docs here, but here's a short guide to get you rolling.

3 key things:

  1. Set your notifications:
    Everything is muted by default. Yay!  To get email notifications for new activity, you have to change the notification frequency of a note. If you want to get notified of new activity, you can choose either daily or immediate.
  2. Choose whether to notify:
    Whether you notify anyone in the first place is up to you. As you start a conversation, you can choose to email everyone, or leave it in the app only.
  3. See recent notes:
    On a subgroup's dashboard, you can see the last five "Recent Notes". You can also click on "Group Notes" or "Subgroup Notes" in the left navigation of any group or subgroup to see all the notes sent by and to that group or subgroup. The workspace icon in the upper left corner will show you your inbox, with notes across all your groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a note?

A note on Socialroots is a way to say something in a group or subgroup. Everyone in that group or subgroup can see the notes. As you compose a note, you can choose to additionally send an email version to all recipients, or not.

What is a group?

A group is a totally independent / autonomous container for a group of people doing something together. A group can be an organization, a stand alone project, a private workspace, or a team.

When should I create a group vs subgroup?

Subgroups are always managed by a group. So if the work is happening as part of the group, you should create a subgroup. If the work is stand-alone, or if a project needs subgroups of its own, make it a group. For more detail on this see this help docs section.

Who can see what's in groups and subgroups?

Only members of the group or subgroup can see anything in the group. The only things someone outside the group or subgroup can see is the group's “About” page, as well as any notes to which they were manually added as an email (external) recipient.

How do roles work?

There are 3 roles in each group or subgroup: lead, participant, and supporter.

  • Leads can do anything.
  • Participants can start subgroups and author notes in subgroups.
  • Supporters can reply to notes and join some subgroups.

Have fun! See our docs for more, or ask questions at our help desk in the Socialroots Community.

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